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Roper-Hall Eye Foundation Prize Medal

R-H Medal_edited.jpg
Support: Programs

The Roper-Hall Eye Foundation Prize Medal is awarded yearly to an Ophthalmology Trainee who gives the best clinical case presentation, judged on:

Clinical content

Use of audio‐visual aids


Lessons to be learnt

Supporting knowledge



2023 Winner: Mr Hamza Abdou ’Gaining Insights on Past Patterns'

IMG_8297 2 copy.jpg

Mr Hamza Abdou having been presented with

the medal by Alison and Gillian Roper-Hall

(daughters of Michael Roper-Hall)

We also provide educational support for:

  • Ophthalmology Trainees to attend the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital (BMEH) Alumni meeting that includes presentations on the latest clinical and scientific research that will benefit patients

  • The Academic Unit of Ophthalmology Alumni, University of Birmingham, Sir Adrian Cadbury Lecture


BMEH Alumni Meeting

The 2023 meeting at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham celebrated the Bicentennial of BMEH. This two-day meeting featured talks from internationally renowned alumni and speakers 


Sir Adrian Cadbury Lecture

The 2023 lecture was given by Prof. Russell Van Gelder, University of Washington, Seattle, USA on ’Molecular Diagnostics for Ocular Inflammatory Disease'

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